Sex clubs

I went to that sex club over near Thomas Circle last night. Ewww. The men were gross. The place was gross. The rooms were smaller than my closet and had rubber matresses.

Yet it was packed. Sounds like a gold mine to me. Not one I'll be giving more money to.


A first for me

I've never made a guy come simply by riding him before. Usually, that's not all that stimulating (in my experience). I usually like to be the one doing the pounding, if I really want to cum.

But the other night, I was on top, bouncing around and he exploded inside me. Awesome. I knew it could be done


BlogExplosion is homophobic? Uh-huh.

Apparently, my blog is too "sexual" for the mavens at BlogExplosion. Never mind the straight porn blogs they've got floating around in that ring. Me thinks they is a bit homophobic.


Harry undressed

His body is strange -- in that, it's not so sexy but I can't look away and I'd let him pound my ass anyway -- kind of way.


Over reaction

So, apparently there are a bunch of queens -- the drama prone variety -- in Boston. Too bad. Harvard boys are tasty.


The state of porn

He liked to kiss, so I liked him. Nothing I enjoy more than having a cute boy's tongue crammed down my throat with his arms wrapped around me. Well, unless my dick's crammed down his throat (and his tongue is still involved). Anyway, I had a good time last night. And he had some blow, which made him all the more desireable.

I'm writing now, though, to lament the state of porn. All the stuff on the internet is just poor crap (save the links to the left) that's not worth the effort it takes to jack myself off. DVD's, which, I say, can also be crap, are too damned expensive for the likes of me.

What's a gay guy to do? No wonder we're prone to excessive hooking up. Maybe I'll stop complaining about that.


Case Studies

I'm getting my ass kicked by school right now. Totally kicked. Normally, I'm into that kind of thing. But not now -- weekends should be for drinking and screwing. Not the case of one idiot v. the other.